Tragedy Strikes: Three Lives Lost in Furniture Market Fire Near Karachi’s Ayesha Manzil


A massive fire erupted in the furniture shops of an apartment near Karachi’s Ayesha Manzil on Wednesday, tragically claiming three lives.

Firefighters worked tirelessly for several hours to extinguish the flames, deploying at least 12 fire tenders, a snorkel, and a bowser.

SSP Central Faisal Abdullah Chachar confirmed the unfortunate loss of three lives in the incident, with their bodies recovered. The search operation within the building is still underway, raising concerns about the possible presence of more individuals in the affected structure.

Rescue officials reported that the fire, according to the preliminary investigation, was a result of a short circuit. The incident also led to damage to numerous cars and motorcycles parked near the affected apartment.

The spokesperson for the Pakistan Navy mentioned that navy fire tenders and personnel promptly arrived at the scene, providing valuable assistance in bringing the fire under control.

According to sources, conveyed that goods worth millions of rupees had been reduced to ashes, and shop owners made desperate efforts to salvage their belongings.

An emergency was declared for the water hydrants near Sakhi Hassan and NIPA.

Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori took immediate notice of the incident, directing Karachi Commissioner to ensure the safety of people within the building. He stressed the utilization of all available resources to contain the fire.

Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab commended the relentless efforts of the fire brigade in extinguishing the fire. Assessing the number of people inside the building at this time, he noted, would be premature. Wahab emphasized the administration’s commitment to preventing the further spread of the fire, stating, “Our efforts are focused on preventing the fire from spreading any further at this time.”

Sindh Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar issued directives for the swift containment of the fire. He specifically instructed the commissioner and deputy commissioner to personally oversee the situation, emphasizing the urgent evacuation of people to safety.

Additionally, he directed supplementary fire brigade units to promptly arrive at the scene and extinguish the fire.

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