The difference between a “conspiracy” and “interference”


ISLAMABAD: Yesterday Pakistan military spokesperson & DGISPR Major General Iftikhar Babar said that the National Security Committee (NSC) statement released on March 31 did not contain the word ‘conspiracy,’ Pakistanis have been found wrestling over two words: conspiracy and interference.

PTI leaders, including Fawad Chaudhry who spokes to SAMAA TV, say that the NSC statement contains — and it indeed does — the word ‘interference’ which they claim was synonymous with conspiracy.

Chaudhry said the military spokesperson had endorsed the PTI stance. This line of argument has since been reused by other PTI supporters.

But those who do not support PTI and its foreign-funded conspiracy narrative claim that interference and conspiracy were not only two different words with unique meanings but also denoted two different concepts.

The Urdu equivalents of the words sazish (conspiracy) and mudakhlat (interference) were used to create a Twitter trend sazish nahi mudakhlat #سازش_نہیں_مداخلت (interference not conspiracy).

And the top tweet came from PTI’s Shireen Mazari who seemed to claim that there was no difference between the two because ‘interference’ too referred to the vote of no-confidence against Imran Khan.

The communique that was sent by the Pakistan ambassador to the United States was “reflective of conspiracy,” the former human rights minister said.

While Pakistan waits for an explanation or investigation into the communique with PTI demanding a judicial probe, some people have tried to explain the difference and others have created memes.

Dr Asim Allah Bakhsh, a well-known author, gave the following definitions in a tweet:

Interference: Pakistan saying they will like Donald Trump to be winning the election. 

Conspiracy: Pakistan actually manipulating US elections to make Donald Trump win the election.

A PTI supporter used two still images of Akshay Kumar from his movie Ajnabee to show that the words could be swapped. 

another twitter meme shared and says:

“So according to DG ISPR “blatant interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan” is not a Sazzish. Theeeek hogya.”


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