Sindh Govt Exposed for Purchasing School Desks


KARACHI: Sindh Education Department is ready to buy scrap wood desks for schools all over the province for Rs29,000 per piece.

In shocking news, Sindh is purchasing schools desks for reportedly Rs. 29,500. Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) approached Sindh Chief Minister (CM), Murad Ali Shah, with the complaint that the provincial education department is allegedly purchasing desks for public schools at a 320% higher rate.

These desks are being bought to be used in all public schools in Sindh and will be made up of 19 pieces of scrap wood with 23 joints or patches.

Interestingly, the education department had bought similar school furniture for Rs8,000 a piece earlier this year.

In other end, Opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh bought a wooden and iron desk for Rs 5,000 and brought it to the Sindh Assembly.

Transparency International also wrote a letter to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah stating that Rs 3 billion was being spent on the purchase of furniture.

Opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh reached the furniture market to ask the price of desks, where a desk was available for between Rs 2,100 and Rs 7,500.

Opposition leaders bought 5,000 and 3,000 desks and brought them to the Sindh Assembly and offered the Sindh government to buy these desks instead of the 29,000 desks.

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