PTI Government is Going To Change NAB Laws


NAB laws are to protect Pakistan from corruption but businessmen in Tashkent are being affected by some of these. So Pakistan’s PM, Imran Khan assured that government will change the National Accountability Bureau’s laws regarding businessmen and civil servants.

Imran Khan admitted to not having quality CEOs available in Pakistan. Additionally, he thinks that joint ventures and private sector partnerships between Pakistan and Uzbekistan have the potential of being very successful. So he said the amendment of NAB laws will make sure that there is no hindrance left, which scares off potential businessmen.

In the statement made by Shaukat Tarin, a couple of days, ago he mentioned that Uzbekistan businessmen are scared of NAB laws and that keeps them from investing in Pakistan. He also said that the Pakistani government was working on amending those laws to encourage partnerships.

However, NAB does not agree with the statement passed by the finance minister. They believe that NAB is just doing its job to remove corruption from Pakistan and no one should have a problem with that.

The Prime Minister is also keen on working towards peaceful relationships with Afghanistan. Political settlement and trade agreements will be focused on. This is all in hopes that it helps with the situation in Afghanistan.

He wants to work on developing good relations with Central Asia-South Asia (CASA). The railway project between Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan is a step forward to the goal.

On his trip, Imran Khan visited the Pakistan-Uzbekistan forum of businessmen to propose help to make the Uzbekistan business and trading better. He agreed to give Uzbekistan access to the Karachi seaport for easy access to trading with Europe and the Middle East. Moreover, he offered to be able to provide around 220 million people for their labor force.

The leader of Uzbekistan and Imran Khan also agreed to work together towards the relationship with their common neighbor, Afghanistan.

Both the leaders signed a transit trade agreement as well as a protocol. The protocol included agreement on military education, initiation of Pakistan-Uzbekistan Business council, and both countries having information on what goods are being exchanged.

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