PM Imran Says: US wanted Pakistan to clean litter left behind by her in Afghanistan


ISLAMABAD: The US has decided to make India its strategic partner, which caused change in her behaviour towards Pakistan, says Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Speaking to the foreign media journalists on Thursday, the prime minister said that the US wanted Pakistan to clean the litter left behind by her during the past 20 years in Afghanistan.

“There is no political solution in sight to the prevailing crisis in Afghanistan since Taliban had said that they would not hold talks until Ashraf Ghani is in office,” he added.

He said that Pakistan had tried to persuade Taliban to hold talks with Afghan government. Some three to four months a ago, in a meeting with Taliban in Islamabad we had tried to convinced them for talks but they looked unwilling, he added.

“I think the Afghan government wants return of US forces to the country,” the prime minister opined.

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