PM force public to wear masks amid fears of fourth Covid-19 wave: Indian variant


ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday urged public to wear masks, saying there is a danger of spreading the Indian variant, which has been as Delta by WHO, of coronavirus in the region.

Talking about the COVId-19 situation in the country, the premier said that the virus is mutating continuously, adding that Delta variant is badly affecting Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Wearing a mask is not a big deal, he said, besides warning people of fourth wave of the pandemic in the country. He urged citizens to strictly follow the SOPs during Eid al Adha.

If the situation worsens, the government will not have any option except imposing restrictions, the prime minister said, adding that the curbs would affect businesses.

Poverty is increasing all over the world due to the pandemic, he said, adding that Indonesia and Bangladesh have imposed lockdown due to the deteriorating situation.

He said that Pakistan does not produce the vaccine but the jabs are available in the country for public. He asked people especially urban population to get them vaccinated.

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