OGRA recommends a Massive Increase of Up to Rs. 119 in Petroleum Prices


ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has recommended unprecedented hike in the prices of petroleum products of up to Rs129.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Thursday sent a summary, seeking increase in petroleum prices from April 15.

The Ogra has given the government two options: keep GST and Petroleum Levy at existing level (zero) and increase the prices of High Speed Diesel and Petrol by Rs51.32 and Rs21.30, respectively.

The authority has also suggested an increase of Rs119 per litre in the price of high-speed diesel in light of the recent hike in oil prices globally.

The second option is to do away with the exemption on Petroleum Levy and impose flat 17% GST on all petroleum products.

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