Meta launches a website featuring an AI image generator


Meta has officially launched a dedicated website for its AI-driven image generator, the Imagine tool, extending its capabilities beyond the confines of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp chats.

Previously limited to social network platforms, the Imagine tool is now accessible to users on the web. To explore the tool, users can visit Meta’s dedicated Imagine website, where logging in with a free Meta account is a prerequisite for initiating image generation.

Upon logging in, the website operates similarly to other AI image generators. Users can provide a precise yet imaginative description of the desired image, click the Generate button, and Imagine will produce four different images that ideally match the vision.

To obtain an image, users can select it, click the ellipsis icon, and choose the download option. The image is saved as a JPG file, allowing users to view and modify it using any image editor.

It’s worth noting that each generated image features a watermark in the corner, indicating its origin as one “imagined with AI.”

Before transitioning to a website, Meta’s Imagine tool was initially designed for generating and sharing images within chats on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Integrated into Meta AI, the tool enables users to pose questions, make requests, seek information, or solicit recommendations. Users can interact directly with the AI chatbot or include it in group conversations. To activate the image generator in a chat, users can simply type “/imagine” followed by a description of the desired image.

The image generation process relies on Meta’s Emu model, specifically engineered to produce high-quality, photorealistic images within seconds.

In a news post on Wednesday introducing the website and additional AI features, Meta expressed, “We’ve enjoyed hearing from people about how they’re using Imagine, Meta AI’s text-to-image generation feature, to create fun and creative content in chats. Today, we’re expanding access to Imagine outside of chats, making it available in the UK to start at While our messaging experience is designed for more playful, back-and-forth interactions, you can now create free images on the web, too

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