Fahad Mustafa Criticizes overrated ‘Content Creators’


Fahad Mustafa holds a prominent position among Pakistan’s big stars. He is a successful actor, renowned TV host, and one of Pakistan’s biggest producers.

He has worked with well-known personalities associated with the country’s showbiz industry. Even while being in the industry, he has always spoken openly and candidly about its shortcomings and strengths.

In recent times, social media has introduced us to many new influential figures who are adored by people, and their footsteps are followed. Especially on YouTube, numerous new channels have emerged where we get to see content centered around family life.

Among these personalities, we have Muaaz Safdar, Kanwal and Zulqarnain, Ducky Bhai, and many others who share their family and personal lives on social media, and their followers appreciate their work.

Fahad Mustafa recently appeared as a guest on a YouTube channels show, where he was asked if someone becomes a star through social media by creating their specific content after 20 years of continuous hard work, would he be bothered by it.

In response to this question, Fahad Mustafa stated that no, he doesn’t have an issue with it, but he understands that the term ‘content’ is often presented in an elevated manner.

He said that most people on social media are selling their families. They create content by showcasing their family members even from graveyards, which he cannot call content. He further said, “I am not accustomed to such things because social media stars are not used to working normal hours like me, 10-15 hours a day.

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