Dua Zehra kidnapping case Fake CCTV footage


KARACHI: The CCTV footage released by the authorities that reportedly shows Dua Zehra, the 14-year-old girl missing from Karachi, leaving her house on her own has been pronounced fake.

The footage surrounding her house revealed important evidence. From her home internet device evidences of court marriage has been found.

Dua Zehra’s father said that CCTV footage is of night time while his daughter went missing during the day time, but neighbors have confirmed that Dua Zohra in the footage.

Reports from Sanghar said that police and other agencies conducted a search operation on the information, while local sources said that the alleged abducted girl has been recovered.

A son of a landlord from Chotiari village in Sanghar district reportedly married to Dua Zohra and kept her in an unknown house.
The 14-year-old girl, allegedly abducted from Al-Falah. Conflicting statements are also coming from the girl’s father, who said that Dua Zehra was a seventh grade student and did not go to school for a year and a half. Investigations revealed that Dua did not go to school from third grade.

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