Apple Discovers Reasons Why iPhone 15 Overheats


On Saturday, Apple stated that they found a few reasons why new iPhones might get hotter than usual, one of which is a bug in the iOS 17 software. They promised to fix this bug in an upcoming update.

After receiving complaints about the new phones getting too warm, Apple explained that the device might feel warmer initially because of increased background activity during setup or restoration.

Another problem involves recent updates to third-party apps that are making them overload the system. Apple is collaborating with app developers to fix these issues, and some updates are already on the way. The affected third-party apps include Asphalt 9, Instagram (which has already been fixed), and Uber.

The upcoming bug fix in iOS 17 won’t compromise the iPhone’s performance to address the temperature issue.

Apple clarified that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max don’t overheat due to their design; in fact, their new titanium shells improve heat dissipation compared to older stainless steel models.

They also emphasized that this issue doesn’t pose any safety or long-term performance risks for the phone.

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