Aisha Omar has decided to leave Pakistan permanently


Aisha Omar has made the decision to leave Pakistan permanently, citing her brother’s relocation to Denmark as a factor. In a recent participation in an FHM Podcast, the renowned actress discussed topics such as her marriage, the #MeToo movement, and issues related to the protection of girls.

During the podcast, Aisha Omar, speaking about her marriage, expressed her desire to marry someone sincere and mentioned her mother’s wish for her to marry a Turkish or European man.

Aisha Omar shared her apprehensions about becoming a mother, considering her difficult childhood, and her longstanding wish to adopt a child after marriage.

She also talked about her mother, who became a widow at the age of 30, and how her mother, as a single parent, raised her and her brother. Her mother faced many difficulties, and she never wanted Aisha to work in Pakistan.

Regarding the #MeToo movement, Aisha Omar stated that she supports the initiative because she, too, has been a victim of sexual harassment from an early age.

Aisha Omar shared an incident in Lahore where a neighbor’s employee attempted to assault her and her brother when they were children. She emphasized the need to address the issue of harassment in society.

She discussed the challenges of living in Karachi and Lahore, mentioning that Lahore is perceived as a safer city compared to Karachi. She shared her experiences of facing threats and attempted robberies twice in Karachi. She highlighted that women are harassed on the streets here, while such incidents are less common in Lahore.

Aisha Omar concluded by saying that her brother has permanently moved to Denmark, and now both she and her mother also want to leave Pakistan due to the deteriorating political situation in the country. She expressed her love for Pakistan but noted that the current circumstances make it difficult to continue living here.

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