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Times Now Pakistan (TNP) gives you more news in less time: immediate and extensive news coverage 24 hours a day, up-to-the minute information and a comprehensive search engine integrated into every page that allows you to find the news you want.

Times Now Pakistan deals with latest news updates,breaking news, movie rating and reviews, trending aspects etc. This news website contains all the “latest” and trending information. The recommended news feed subscription is also available with us. Times Now Pakistan covers all the news related Pakistan.


Times Now Pakistan is news publishing website which covers the news all around Pakistan. The Times Now Pakistan provides most accurate news information. We explore all the news covering each and every event around Pakistan. Basically we publish most important and trending news around Pakistan. The TNP fulfills all kinds of audience. TNP provides high quality content with unique images.


The Times now Pakistan covers Education, sports news, Trending news, Health News, Business News, Travel & Tourism updates and much more. This website does not contain any age restrictor filter; TNP-Times Now Pakistan is for all. For example, if reader wants to know what is going on in Pakistan, then TimesNowPakistan.com is best solution. Kids to adults are eligible to view the content provided by TNP.

Here are the few categories that are covered by Times Now Pakistan.

  • Business: Do you want to start a business in 2022? Or do you want to know about the best business ideas? You’ll get everything covered in our blog.
  • Technology: You’ll get the latest technology news in our blogs. New technologies, new phones, new Android versions and their features, you name it and our blog covers it.
  • Health: Health is the most relevant topic in today’s world and our blog covers all sorts of health tips for our readers. Specially covered Corona Virus.
  • Fashion: We cover all sorts of topics on the beauty and fashion industry. For the latest fashion trends, check out our blog.
  • Sports: We cover all type of sports in our blogs, specially Football, Cricket, etc. For the latest news of sports trends, check out our blog.
  • Travel: For all your travel queries, Travel Inscribe is the place to be. You get the best travel tips and tricks from our experts, Also share your travel history in this Website.
  • Entertainment: Would you like to know about the best romantic songs of Bollywood? Or the best sad songs of Bollywood? You’ll get long, elaborate lists in our blog.
  • Lifestyle: For all your lifestyle and wellness tips for 2022, check out our ‘lifestyle’ category of our blog.

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Our Mission is to educating people every day’s online and offline topics and serving the best thing from their side.

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 Times Now Pakistan provides genuine and rich content to readers, all valid information will be to date with TNP. We balance each and every news article uniquely.


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